Headshots taken by Vanessa Carrara of Satori Innovations (satoriphotog.com)

Winners of the 60th Annual BMI Student Composer Awards

With Volti at the 30th Anniversary Gala

Conducting the Shalshelet Festival Choir at the 5th International Festival of New Jewish Liturgical Music (February 2013 - Miami, Florida)

With the Grace Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys

With composers, Libby Larsen and Elizabeth Lim, and conductor, Martin Benvenuto, at Womensing'sYouth-Inspiring-Youth Reception, June 2010

Discussing his Youth-Inspiring-Youth commission with WomenSing's artistic director, Martin Benvenuto, and composer-mentor, Libby Larsen, April 2010

With composers, Daniel Kallman and Craig Carnahan, and conductor, Dale Warland after a performance with the National Lutheran Choir, May 2011